Thursday, March 25, 2010

i can has banana? or at least onion, sage, rosemary & thyme.

monkey see,

monkey do
I am the monkey, coo coo ca choo!

(thanks Chris for the 2nd picture!)

That was an easier trick than I thought it would be, somehow. It's a lot easier to stand up in a Sunfish than it is in a Romany!

Was it Tillerman who had that list of Twenty Silly Things To Do With Your Dinghy? I will have to hunt that down & refresh my memory for when the water gets a little nicer for falling in.

That may be a little while, though - spring may have sprung,

but it hasn't sprung too far. So far, besides the daffodils, most of the green in the garden is the stuff that overwintered. Given how cold it was, I was pleasantly surprised at how much did.

The green onions made it through, and look, I'm going to have some onion flowers:

Also survivors: Sage, rosemary & thyme. I know, I know, I have to put some parsley in there so I've got the whole darned song. In the meantime, onion does have the proper number of syllables to fill in.


doryman said...

That seems a large backyard for NY. Time to expand the garden? That's what we are doing in Doryland.

Pandabonium said...

We've got daffodils enought to fill and blossoms on strawberries and leaf buds on blueberries, but dang it's cold and wet and yet I can't stand up tall in sweet Bluesette, like that, ah, shett.

Ohigan has come and gone but spring has yet to be truly sprung so I'm feelin' old when I should feel young, and when I get to sing it might all have been sung.

Tillerman said...

More suggestions at

bonnie said...

Ah, thank you, Tillerman!

Adventure Otaku said...

my father had a sunfish when I was a boy, my first experience with boats. He was without a doubt, the worst sailor in history. But it had an effect, I am still in boats. Is there an advantage to standing? or is it just fun?


bonnie said...

Well, from my one & only dinghy sailing standing up experience, I can say that a) it's fun and b) it does feel good to get up & stretch out your legs. Beyond that, I dunno, but for a more thoughtful answer, I can send you over to an interesting post on Proper Course in which Tillerman goes through some of the reasons that sailing coaches like to have people do this.