Friday, March 12, 2010

New Date for Harbor Charting Meeting

The meeting for the discussion & preliminary charting of NY Harbor recreational traffic patterns that I'd posted about a couple of weeks ago - the one that got postponed due to what I really really hope was the last blizzard of the season - has been rescheduled to next week Tuesday, 3/16/2010. Full details here.

I believe that all interested parties are welcome.

Should be interesting. Let's see, they've got the coast guard, commercial pilots, the "usual suspects" from the NYC boathouse scene.

Wonder who'll be there to speak on behalf of the folks who bought their kayaks on Craig's List or in the recreation department at WalMart, have used 'em enough to call themselves experienced paddlers & think it would be a total kick to put in at Liberty State Park for a nice trip over to Governor's Island? Be good to hear from that group.

I'm only half kidding. I suspect that particular demographic subset of the universe of recreational boaters are going to be severely underrepresented (putting it mildly) at this meeting. Too bad, since I'd bet that that group is probably overrepresented among the set of paddlers who occasionally contribute to the ulcers of the commercial pilots operating in NY Harbor.


JP said...

Hey Bonnie have you seen the Gormley's? I've heard the sculpture of figures on the skyline is currently being installed in New York - I loved them when they were in London.

Ol' Philosophizer said...

I've paddled for about a dozen years and consider myself an "fairly experienced beginner," but there is no way I will paddle in NY Harbor without a cadre of experts leading the way. I've been invited by friends to take part in the AKT trips down there, and keep putting off the experience. Trying to cross Lake George through squadrons of zipping motor boats was bad enough ... I sure don't want to mess with the ferries!

moonstruck said...

MURPHY'S LAW....Just when you are crossing the battery, a ferry will come roaring out with all horns blasting!!!! Happens every time!!!