Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Egads. People really buy this stuff?

So I had to skip the Wednesday night pool session tonight because I just had a lot of work to do & decided it would be less stressful not to go. Last week I got to roll for 3 hours straight (unfortunately because only one of our students made it, which bummed me out because I was pretty excited about getting 'em rolling - as it was, the head instructor got the lone student rolling beautifully while the rest of us just played), but it took me the first hour to work out the tension I'd built up trying to get out of the office on time. We're working on our financial close & budgeting right now at the day job, so the finance team is just swamped, and there was a report that never works right if I rush it that I wanted to finish, and the apt needed a little attention as well, so I decided to make tonight a work/gym/errands/bed before midnight night.

On the way home, I stopped at a drugstore to buy some socks since almost all of my pairs of office socks have done the one-sock-vanishes-in-dryer act. Something I saw there really grabbed my eye. Grabbed it like a mugger grabs a purse, even.

Now - I know I am not exactly yer model of traditional feminity or anything (I do own nylons & heels & a few odds & ends of makeup, but don't use 'em much - 'specially the heels & nylons which I may dislike even more than my drysuit - 'cause wearing at least wearing a drysuit means I'm doing something fun!), but even granting that I'm on the tomboy side of the scale & my reaction to this product can't be taken to represent any statistical norms, I still can't help wondering - is there really much demand out there for spray paint for legs?

No. Really. Here, I'll prove it.

Quick, let's all run out & buy some!

p.s. oooh! can't resist mentioning - heard some unbelievably fabulous news from a friend today - if you are my friend who gave me fabulous news today (you know who you are!) or her husband, know that I am still smiling fit to sprain my smile muscles when I think about it! congrats congrats congrats!

Heck, I hope you hand-rolled the Calabria, too! just to make a good day even better!

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