Thursday, March 31, 2005

ugh ugh ugh you remember getting any inscriptions - or signatures or whatever it's called when high-school kids sign each other's yearbooks - in your high school yearbook that read:

2 good
2 be
4 gotten


I have a variation on that theme to offer as an excuse for a post tonight.

2 tired
2 write
2 night.

Augh. I think I mentioned here or there that we're in the throes of budget season at my full-time job...did I mention that we also have a sales conference next week AND I'm getting going on March close documents as well? Who said that we had to do all 3 at once?

Whimper whimper.

I need to go play with the kitties now. Did you know that when you talk to people, your blood pressure goes up, but when you talk to animals, it goes down? Good thing I'm kittysitting right now.

I'll write a real post this weekend, honest. Unless I'm just too fried to write anything interesting which is possible. Oh man, I never did get down my notes on what I was doing in the pool in Stamford that was working so well...something about really isolating the hip action used to start the rotation of the boat, cutting down the involvement of the upper body as much as possible - the best Greenland-style rollers can roll with their arms crossed & held tight against the torso (check out the 'straightjacket roll' on Cheri Perry's website - no, that is not an actual straightjacket she's wearing, it's a tuiliq - she's awesome btw) - I'm nowhere close to that but I was up to handrolling (rolling without a paddle) with my hands held in fists (one step more difficult than open-handed) & should have tried the one where you put one hand behind your was all feeling really good.

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