Friday, March 11, 2005

A minor change

Repeat visitors may have noticed that I have updated my subtitle. Yes, "Because it's too cold to paddle and I'm bored" worked GREAT back in January, when it was, indeed, too cold to paddle and I was, indeed, bored. As you may have noticed, it hasn't been too cold to paddle now for several weeks. And boredom? Can someone please tell me where I can buy some of that? Let's see, calculating the various arcs of the Budget '05-06 season, closing of the books on '04-05, and oh yes that little matter of A Certain Much-Anticipated Children's Book coming out in July (yikes yikes triple yikes), and then boating season, I would say that my forecast for the earlist possible time at which I am likely to be bored again is...crunch crunch crunch...yep, same answer as before, early to mid November.

oh btw about The Book? Don't bother asking, the answer has already been no for more than one close friend (with a sincere I'm sorry 'cause for every person who's asked me so far, if I could, I really would, it just doesn't happen with this particular series of books). Sorry. Not even if you're Brad Pitt. Not even if you're Chow Yun Fat, and really lonely, and paddling is your secret favorite hobby. Nope. you are, say, Johnny Depp...ummm...depends...

wouldyoudressuplikeJackSparrowforme? (blush blush blush)

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