Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Thank you all and more info

Short post today - I'm still thinking of yesterday's as being my "current post", but I did want to add sort of p.s. to that one here.

1. Thank you to everyone who has commented (and Ruben - you're amazing). I don't even know what to say except thank you. Thank you seems like a good place to start - would try to do individual responses but I'm feeling a little at-a-loss-for-words right now.

2. I've been seeing a fair number of international suffixes (e.g., .de and .au) on my sitemeter & wonder how all of this comes across to people from outside the U.S. - the media has been so focussed on this here that most of us know about it, but if anyone who hasn't been subject to saturation coverage is interested in reading what I think is a very well-written objective history of the case, here's a good link for you: - I actually ran across this while doing a little more research to make sure that I could really stand behind what I wrote yesterday in the event that any critical comments came in. I was expecting more of those, since this is a topic on which people have very intense opinions, & I wanted to confirm in my own mind that I wasn't just talking through my hat - this overview served that purpose well.

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