Thursday, April 07, 2005

Frogma Breaks 1000!

Woo-hoo! Frogma passed its' 1000th visit today!

I hope Scott of Scott-O-Rama reads this, it oughta crack him up, he and I both started around the same time & he passed 100K a while ago. Hey, just goes to show that shameless self-promotion, shirtless athletes and the Muppets doing "Mahna Mahna" have wider appeal than sea kayaking - no surprises there! (the Muppets clip absolutely rocks btw - I remembered how the song went of course but had NO recollection of the visual aspect of the thing and oh my god is it ever funny). In fact I think I will just go tell him that he needs to read this today because he will get a good chuckle out of it. S'alright - if I'd wanted to be popular I could've taken a couple of other routes but I kinda like the niche-y way this blog is turning out - it just kind of is what it is, I'm totally just doing it for fun, and if a few other people read it and enjoy it, that's great. Not too hard to make me happy.

Actually it was funny - Derrick at Kayak Wisconsin posted something about both of our blogs, and a couple of others, on at one point, which resulted in a bit of a surge - well, for one or two posts I fell into this "oh my god, I have to be interesting now" thing and it was almost NOT fun, but then I said to myself, "Wait a minute, this is my blog, it's just for fun, nobody's paying me and I'm under no obligation to anyone except myself". Then I figured out about the referral page (I am ultranewbie, I knew NOTHING!) and found Derrick's post and was actually relieved to find out where all these people were coming from. Phew.

Now of course if I take into account that everytime I post, Sitemeter seems to count that (not if I just go in to look at Frogma at home, but posts seem to count - I figured this out when there was still next to no-one reading & I'd noticed that I seemed to have one single very enthusiastic reader from domain name "". However I eventually noticed that this Mindspring person's visits always seemed to coincide with my postings, and finally one night when I hadn't had a single visitor all day & didn't post until some ludicrous hour and my faithful "reader" popped up like magic, I finally came to the conclusion that as I'd begun to suspect, yep, my "reader" was actually me. Followed the link to the Mindspring site & found that it actually went to Earthlink, which is my ISP, and that pretty much settled it for me. Mwah mwah mwah mwaaaaaahh...So technically I should count all my posts from the day I turned on sitemeter and subtract that number from the total, because me posting doesn't count, which would still have me below 1000 - but man, that's taking this number-crunching business I'm doing these days ENTIRELY too seriously. Especially when it's on my own time!

So to heck with that! YAY! Frogma broke 1000! Woo Hoo! Thanks everybody!

And I can't believe I've managed to keep this going for over 3 months. That's the amazing part for me, just knowing what a non-journal-keeping person I've been for my entire life. Well, it does make it more fun when other people can read it, and I can read other people's.

And wow, look at the time, I gotta go to bed now cause tomorrow the boss is back from the big sales conference in glamorous downtown Hoboken (or was it Jersey City?) and I was so wrapped up in watching my sitemeter today for the Big Moment(plus a little too much chitchat) that I got diddly-squat done.

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