Monday, April 25, 2005

Need to go back to composing in Word...

awright...time to go back to composing in Word. Blogger ate HALF of last night's post. Including the part where I talked about how it looked like Scott & Jay had a goal to cover as much of New York City on foot as was possible in a few days' span, and then Cap'n Sarah's stellar Improv performance on Sunday, how excited we are about the schooner coming down this week & first All-Girl Crew Saturday next weekend, how excited we are about sailing in the BVI's in November. Then I also referred to some really nice things SeaLevel said about me after last Wednesday's pool session & how the main thing is to get REALLY comfortable with one roll, so you know you can always fall back on that - then all of the sudden you can really start to just look at rolling as playing, seeing what works & what doesn't...and then I finished with a comment that I really need to write this post I've been meaning to write about how I stopped being afraid of water back when I was a little small keiki in Hawaii!

And all of that got zapped! Poof. Gone. Hmph. Well, I will go back to doing drafts in Word. Can't complain too much about Blogger - the price is definitely right!

ps - there was a new comment this morning from Dumb Poet after the "visit to the redtails" post - very cool story!

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