Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Justice Sunday (haven't ranted liberally lately have I?)

Quick post here...stealing my own comment from Cranky Liberal, ha ha!

I celebrated Justice Sunday by writing to my senators to tell them to stick to their guns & resist Frist. I'm in New York & my senators are both Democrats so that may seem silly but I figured that Justice Sunday probably inspired a lot of conservatives to write so I figured I should write too. Just to let 'em know, right?

Hillary even wrote back to me (or at least I got an appropriate pre-written letter expressing her agreement with me, but at least that way I know that my infinitesmal little squeak registered...)

anybody else not gotten around to squeaking yet?

Here, I'll make it easy for you!.

As far as commentary...I'm still at work! Have something I want to finish...anyways, Frank Rich is MUCH better at political commentary than I am.

Oh. And speaking of guns...

One more kind of funny thing...especially for anyone conservative who's stumbled across this blog & is getting ready to excoriate me for being an evil un-American commie hippie...I was doing a little sniffing around after getting curious about just what these 7 re-nominated judges did to make the Dems dig in their heels so deeply when 205 other Bush nominees went through jes' fine...

ok, maybe I'm stereotyping but I was kind of startled to stumble across this group - coming down on the same side of the issue as I did.

Ok. It feels weird linking to these folks, and I'm not making any kind of statement about their reasons for supporting the filibuster...but they obviously see that the "nuclear option" cuts both ways.

Why can't Frist et al be so farsighted?

Me, I've only shot a gun once in my entire life. Er...I would have to admit it was kind of fun. We - and that "we" included a very experienced hunter who made sure everything was being done safely - were out in the back 40 of Auntie K & Canoe' Buildin' Uncle's farm in Michigan. I killed that flowerpot dead, heh heh heh. Self-defense, it was clearly threatening me.

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