Tuesday, April 12, 2005


I've been tagged!

Yep, Scott got the 20 questions meme (and has been posting some answers that are really impressive) and has passed it on to yours truly.

Here's how it works - you get to ask me up to 4 questions. I will answer the first 20. That's all.

I'm a little nervous. I'm regularly amazed at how open some of my favorite bloggers can be (I tried to do a list here but it started getting too long). I just have a rough time opening up that much in public. Oh, it does definitely happen but there has to be some serious impetus - I have to feel driven to say something before I do. I really admire people who have the self-confidence & trust to be that honest on a regular basis. I remember Karen (of Tuna Girl) commenting once about how Pua (of Warm Cookies with a Whisky Chaser) found it difficult to go into the really personal stuff – I wonder if this is a cultural thing, something you get growing up in Hawaii (and Pua, if you read this, I hope you’re doing OK) - I dunno.

Anyhow, be that as it may…if you’ve ever read this & wondered what makes Bonnie tick, now’s your chance to try & figure it out!

BTW…if anybody DOES figure out what makes Bonnie tick, you better fill me in ‘cause I’m still working that out myself.


Nope, on second thought, scratch that, working out what makes Bonnie tick is actually one of the things that Bonnie kind of enjoys about life (although sometimes that's hard to keep track of when Bonnie isn't ticking smoothly). Knowing would kinda wreck the surprise.

But looking for clues is always fun. So on that note - fire away!

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