Monday, October 30, 2006

This week's Waterwire

Sorting through the emails that came in - this was pretty interesting. Wish I could attend, this is one of my pet concerns with the rapid expansion of recreational kayaking in a busy commercial harbor (I could go into a lot more detail on that if I ever had time to really write any more - unfortunately I'm now paying for my three days away with a fairly late office day, just taking a break between invoice types). Plus it ties in with the various boathouse woes, in a backwards way. There just seem to be so many layers of disconnects going on here - City Council having various meetings that seem to be about encouraging boating, just as DEC & Hudson River Park developments seem to be inadvertently shutting out a whole lot of people who have been boating & providing boating.

It's all so frustrating.

Anyways - this was this week's Waterwire, from the Metropolitan Waterfront Association (this was just the email newsletter which one can subscribe to on the website - website has all sorts of info).

Here's Carter:

Now that a crisp autumn has arrived and boating season is almost over (except for you hardcore paddlers and rowers!), it's time to focus our energy on an important City Council hearing this coming Tuesday October 31. For most of us, this boating season was the most exciting and enjoyable EVER so this upcoming hearing is a rare and important opportunity to make our case that in- and on-water recreation is the BEST place to spend our public dollars traditionally spent on green parks and open space.

The hearing is Tuesday October 31 @ 10 am (and you CAN come in costume). The specific topic is "Rules of the Road, Boating Safety and Cooperation in New York City Waters". The meeting will be held at 250 Broadway in the 16th floor hearing room. Remember to bring ID.

To learn more about MWA's effort to improve access in your community click HERE,

To view the hearing details on the NY City Council website click HERE.

Please let me know if you plan to attend, or if you have any points/ issues
you want MWA to raise in our testimony.


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