Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another Murphy's Law Corollary? - and Welcoming Neighbors!

Remember that post I did a little while ago about corollaries to Murphy's Law?

There were actually some good ones offered.

Got hit by another one today. Not quite sure what the wording is, but here's how it played out:

My home computer is an 8-year old Dell. It was still working fine as far as basic functions, but for various reasons, I've been meaning to finally get a new one.

I bought one last night.

It comes home on Monday.

Guess what happened when I turned on the old one this morning?

No prizes for this one!

Signing off from Kinko's in Columbus Circle (where there are bleachers ready for Thursday's big parade)


oh, almost forgot - went to a really nice party out on the Rockaway Peninsula today - had to go meet the new neighbors!

That's going to be fun!

Late night update...had one idea about something that might work. It did. Yay!

Signing off from Brooklyn!

Here's Columbus Circle and the bleachers for the big day:

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