Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Looking forward to Thursday's Waterfront Conference!

Cleaning out emails - it's a little late to be passing this on but figured I would anyways. I'm looking forward to it. I really will try to gather some impressions & post about it (see prior post for why that's not a given, argh!).

Greetings! Please join us next Thursday, November 13 for the 2008 MWA Waterfront Conference at the National Museum of the American Indian in Lower Manhattan. More than 300 seats are already filled and over 400 participants are expected. The kick-off boat tour leaving Gangway 3 at the Battery, courtesy of Statue Cruises, at 0830 is almost full - we hope your or someone from your organization can participate!

At the conference we will unveil the MWA "Waterfront Action Agenda." This document, to which more than 240 organizations have contributed, captures the spirit of what a great waterfront should be. More importantly, it lays out a dozen specific steps we must take to get there. As you will see on the cover, we humbly call it "A Starting Point for Discussion," and that's what we'll do in the afternoon panel discussions. Please come join in the conversation!The up-to-date list of the more than 100 confirmed participating elected officials, groups, businesses, and agencies is below and the most up-to-date schedule and venue info is on our website.

ALSO, there are a handful of display spaces available in the Harbor Exhibit for the afternoon. If you would like to reserve a space please reach out to Jen Stark-Hernandez at jstark-hernandez@waterfrontalliance.org

Thanks - hope to see you there! Carter Craft

BTW - on the off chance anyone DOES stumble across this & decides to go - you can take advantage of the not-for-profit price if you happen to be a member of a not-for-profit organization.


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