Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Sad Workday

Huh...I don't know what it is about November and the Sebago Canoe Club sacrificing a small sailboat. Some way of propitiating the increasingly neglected Canoe Gods, perhaps?

Yup, here we went again...

Sawzall, even sawzlasers...

Much sadder this time, though. This was actually Holly the Sailing Chair's own boat - the other one was a plastic toy that had been brought to the club & abandoned.

Happier days - from the first dinghy launch of Spring 2008

Two months later was this Laser's last sail.

It's seen good service, though. Holly said that the boat dated back to the 70's, and had already been through a number of repairs in the intervening years. Holly had bought it quite used, and it got plenty of use in the years that she owned it. There's a lot that she & sailing co-chair Jim would be able to fix, but even at their skill levels, that June deck collapse in light air was the end. Holly took all her upgrades & moved them to the best of the club boats, and I arrived at Saturday's workday just in time to record the end.

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