Monday, November 03, 2008

Interesting statistic...

According to Sitemeter, Frogma averages around 100 visitors per day.

I'd voluntarily knock about 20 off of that to take care of the outliers - freaky spikes that happen due to one-time events, like the time I got a link in the NY Times', CityRoom blog, or the less-fun time when one of the regulars on the rather insane "Couple Cruise for 1000 Days" thread on one of the Sailing Anarchy forums stumbled across an unhappy post I'd put up (I was in a state of incoherent misery over my parents' abruptly imminent departure from Hawaii), thought the "Not Zen Enough" approach was too funny for words & tried to sic the rest of the gang on me, grrrr... (ok, to give the rest of them some slight credit, although Sitemeter told me they all came to gawk, which made me feel ill, they dropped it without any further hilarity, at least none that I saw).

I've had enough of those flukey spikes, some good, some not-so, that they do inflate the true average. I'd say the ordinary norm is 80 a day (which amazes me, except that I've been doing this long enough now that Google's mysterious algorithms seems to like Frogma, so I suspect I get a lot of poor folks who get suckered into stopping by only to find that whatever post they end up is completely irrelevant to what they actually wanted to know).

Anyways. Here's the crazy (but kinda cool) thing -

Today, as of 6 pm, I'd had 250 visits.

I'd say at least 80% of them are Googling "where to vote".

Somehow I never would have picked "Where To Vote In NYC" for a post that would end up being of my all-time most-popular posts. It was just a tossed-out, oh-this-can't-hurt kind of thing. Funny that so many people are finding their way to that site from my airheaded bubbly kayak blog! Kinda satisfying, though.

Tomorrow's going to be an interesting day, isn't it?

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