Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Today, for once, I AM Happy Bonnie. Cranky Bonnie/Worried Bonnie/Stressed Bonnie/Homesick Bonnie/Tired Bonnie and all the other normal human variations in the key of B. are all still out there somewhere --

In fact there was some very sad news broken to NY's human-powered boating community yesterday - Mike Davis, the founder of Floating the Apple and one of the true pioneers of NYC's recreational boating renaissance has passed away, Rob B. has given me permission to post his own tribute to Mike, which he sent out to NYC Kayaker - I'll put that later today.

But despite, mostly HAPPY. I suspect Mike would be, too.

My little piece of Brooklyn sounded like somehow the Giants had won the Super Bowl and the Yankees had won the World Series all on the same night last night. Quite amazing.

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bonnie said...

Note from 2013: Obama's election was the cause of all the Brooklyn glee. God, did we want him to win.