Thursday, November 20, 2008

Elitist Big-City Liberal Food - or Frogma's Fusion Cuisine!

Ooooh no! Well, that's it, DennisG is on to me, in the comments on the last post he identified couscous as elitist yuppy food, so yes, I might as well 'fess up (for anyone who hadn't figured it out already)...

Yes, I have forgotten my Western, small-town, real-American roots & become a Northeast, big-city, couscous-scarfin', Brie-nibblin', Chardonnay-sippin' liberal elitist. The real reason I can't wait for Obama to take office is because when he does, that pipeline opens up (you know the one, where he starts giving all those real Americans' hard-earned bucks to us big-city people). Heck, I may even give up my job so I can freeload properly - that's so hard to do when you're working 9 or 10 hours a day.

See what couscous does to a person?


And in case anybody doubted it -- not ONLY did I voluntarily purchase a couscous salad for lunch today -

but tonight, I am doing Fusion Cuisine.

Yep, I am fusing all my leftovers into one big pot of stew!

The bones and some meat & gravy from a roast pork shoulder (I found this recipe after I decided I had to learn to make my own pernil after my favorite Cuban hole-in-the-wall in Soho closed to make way for Yet Another Gourmet Deli), hominy, rice, red beans, my own swiss chard & green onions from the garden (which I'd sauteed with some chopped up bacon & some garlic cloves that needed to get used), and some herbs & spices all simmered for hours in a big pot of water with a bottle of Negra Modelo and a bottle of Grolsch thrown in.

I don't know if it was the bitter dissappointment of the Lemon Pledge Couscous Salad that drove me to such madness, but I gotta say, it's pretty darned good. And I expect it'll be even better after it sits in the fridge overnight with the flavors all mingling. Yum.

p.s. - DennisG, did you say that white wine was featured in tonight's dinner at Chez Moonstruck? wasn't chardonnay, was it?

p.p.s. - is couscous still elitist yuppy food if it tastes like Lemon Pledge?

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