Saturday, September 18, 2010

Google Chrome Hates Blogrolling. And we have a lovely day for sailboat races.

Technical update: Blogrolls are out again. I started reloading blogrolls last night, clicking on every link & getting no bad messages, and sure enough Google Chrome users immediately started getting malware warnings. Sample messages were sent to me this time & Google was definitely & specifically warning about . Went to the Blogrolling support forum & found several similar complaints, so that's definitely where the issue is. Have taken all blogrolls down until such time as the issue is solved. If it doesn't get solved I guess I'll rebuild the lists in Blogger - what a pain. :(

On a happier note - today's forecast - winds 5 - 10 kts NE in the AM, switching to SE in the afternoon, mid-70's & sunny - looks like a lovely day for the 1st day of our Fall dinghy racing series!


JP said...

Hmmm... maybe should take blog-roll off but then would have to re-create it :(

Not getting any Chrome warnings at the moment but did get diverted once (can't remember which blog) to a "system scan alert download now page"

JP said...

Oh, and sailing sounds good - working again today :(

O Docker said...

Rereading the malware warning, it may not have been any of the sites on your blogroll.

It looks like the blogrolling site itself came up suspect.

Don't worry. Be happy. Go sailing.

Carol Anne said...

Things do seem to be working fine now. No malware warning ... yet.

bonnie said...

Thanks again for the heads-up, Carol Ann & O-Docker. Blogrolls will return using the Blogger version as I have time to do so.

JP, sailing was great, and for that matter sitting in the RC boat was also a nice way to while away a Saturday afternoon.

Busy this coming weekend but (yikes) hope to race the following weekend - see if I can do any better than I did last year!

1389 said...

Here's what has been causing the problem, and what to do about it:

What Happened to BlogRolling?

bonnie said...

Oh, yes, thanks. I'd actually sorted things out through their help forum & then just never thought to update here beyond what I said about the blogrolls coming back whenever I have time to rebuild in Blogger.

For anyone who's stumbling across this looking for answers on the same thing - long story short: Blogrolling is shutting down. Copy your blogrolls in Notepad & rebuild 'em in whatever blog roll widget your own blog platform offers.

A little more detail from the forum - Blogrolling was semidefunct (I think all the blogging platforms have internal blog roll widgets now) but the owners left it up as a convenience to those of us who'd started using it back before widgets got so easy. With Chrome having decided that Blogrolling is evil, though, the owners decided that they'd either need to revamp or shut down, and since there's no money in 3rd-party blogroll systems anymore, they chose the latter.

Thank you, Mr. Google. :(

Anonymous said...

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Is this possible?

bonnie said...

Depends on who you are!

If you're selling term papers, viagra, or salacious videos, no.

Otherwise, probably yes, although I must add the caveat that my blogrolls are "on hiatus" until I get around to re-building them in Blogger. At the rate that October is going, that's going to be sometime in November!