Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Water parks? Who needs 'em?

Stevie & Minh playing in the water at Goldsmith's Inlet, our lunch break spot on Day 2 of this year's 3-day leg of Long Island.

This place definitely makes my list of "favorite lunch break spots" over the years - not only did it have that fun little horizontal flume ride (and yes, of COURSE I went!), but there was also a very nice dog to play with -

and an ice cream truck with perfect timing (drove in just as we were finishing lunch)

and it was just incredibly pretty there.

BTW, those pictures are from my now properly-captioned gallery from the trip, now up over on my Picasa page!


Baydog said...

I would have hung at that inlet all day long, riding the rapids and then walking back to do it again and again. It looks like you could probably hold a beer above the water while floating. I'm extremely bouyant and could most likely hold one in each hand.
Free fun-my favorite kind.

bowsprite said...

sigh! all waterparks should be places where kids can go in and play in the water, in addition to the little jets of sprinkle. (Maybe not Newtown Creek, Gowanus, or the KVK but everywhere else is ok if not after big rain. Most of the Harlem is ok.) If people were more in the water, they would hopefully want to protect it.