Thursday, September 16, 2010

Buggy blog.

horrid little pests

Pardon the temporary removal of blogrolls. I got a note via Facebook that Frogma was setting off malware alerts (thank you Carol Anne!), went & asked about it on the blogger help forum & found out that that can happen if one of the sites on your blogrolls has been hacked. Can also happen through 3rd party gadgets, but since I don't really have many of those, I think it's far more likely that it's something in the blogrolls, which were past due for a cleanup anyways. Until I can do that, I thought it was just better to take the blogrolls down & spare visitors the risk of infection.

Friday evening note - As you probably noticed, I'm adding the blogrolls back in after checking all the links. So far nothing has set off any alarms with my own antivirus software, so I think everything that's up should be OK.


JP said...

Golly, any idea who? Should I disable my list too?

bonnie said...

Unfortunately, no idea yet. I'm really bad about keeping my blogrolls up to date, got some defunct links in there & wonder if one of those got hijacked or something.

I did actually look at your site earlier today, it didn't set off any alarms & I do have pretty cranked-up security at work.

Of course it also didn't give me any alarms when I looked at mine, either. Who knows, maybe whatever it was may have already been cleared up at the source. Still figured I'd take down the blogrolls just to be on the safe side.

Carol Anne said...

I'm no longer getting the alert on Frogma, so getting rid of the blogroll does seem to have worked. Proper Course, on the other hand, still tries to force my computer to swallow something called navbar.g.gz, which I'm guessing does nasty things if it slips by unnoticed (thanks to Chrome's feature that puts a big bar at the bottom of the screen when something's downloading, it's hard not to notice on my computer, and I can cancel the download immediately).

Unfortunately, Tillerman's off laser-mastering, so he hasn't been able to fix his blog.

Meanwhile, JP, your blog hasn't tried to feed me that program, so the culprit probably isn't on your blogroll.

I suppose one could narrow down the list of suspects by seeing which blogs are on both Frogma's and Proper Course's blogrolls, but not on JP's.

Carol Anne said...

O Dock, Open Container II, and 829Southdrive all seem to be safe too. So it's likely to be something obscure if you and Proper Course are the only blogs I frequent that have (or had) the problem.

Carol Anne said...

Oops, I spoke too soon ... Frogma just tried to feed me that download again.

bonnie said...

I just hope I don't give myself anything while I'm cleaning the blogroll! I do have antivirus & it just did a big update so hopefully it'll stop me from going anyplace evil.

Thanks for the update and again, thanks for the original heads-up. I really prefer that visiting Frogma be a non-infectious event!

bonnie said...

Oh heck.

Maybe it's Site Meter.

pia said...

My site meter exploded two years ago. Took it as a sign that I shouldn't have one--and made my blogroll impossibly small
keep it to blogs that are personally important to me and I love to read
I will make it large in a few months but for now it's nice

Carol Anne said...

Maybe it's HAL.

O Docker said...

Thought the problem was at my end (guilt figured prominently in my upbringing). Chrome was all panicky.

But it's OK now.

Never saw problems at Tillerman's blog, besides the usual ones.

bonnie said...

Maybe Chrome is HAL?