Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A Schooner, Two Kayaks, and a Yellow Submarine - the boats of Labor Day Weekend 2010

A Schooner:

Two Kayaks:

And a Yellow Submarine (or at least it was yellow at one time)

I do plan to do a blog-post writeup with a few of my favorite shots for both of these trips, but my friend Tugster Will is after me for pictures & I promised I'd have 'em up tonight - here's the gallery!

And speaking of my friend Tugster reminds me that the REAL Boats of Labor Day are, of course, the ones I missed yet again this year - namely, the fine fleet of tugs who turn out for the fantastic Annual Tugboat Race & Contest. I was at one point thinking of going to that, and it would have been the total trifecta of a boataholic's weekend, but we traded it in for a dimsum feast in Flushing with some friends I haven't seen for too long, and that was great too (and all the good food was a good motivator for the 16-mile paddle on Sunday, which turned out to be lots of fun). But Tugster, of course, was there - head on over there for some great shots of the harbor's heavy horses, hard at play!


matthew houskeeper said...

These are nice Bonnie. Enjoyed the Picasa set as well. said...

Checked to see if your annual tugboat race update was there - good to see it was on your mind. Spent most of my Labor Day fiberglass time installing a tub - but did get out for a sail! -O

bonnie said...

I never forget the tugboat races!

I've actually only made it into Manhattan ONCE to see them but I always, always think about it. Now, last year my dad was in town & we did make it to the historical work boats day the day before, had a great time getting out for a ride on the Pegasus, but we had to go somewhere on Sunday so missed it. This year, just hadn't seen some people in long enough that when we found out we were all free, I jumped at the chance.

Next year, mebbe.