Sunday, September 26, 2010

Frogma Naval History Pop Quiz

No prizes, just salty bragging rights to the first person to name either or both the vessels (extra credit if you know the sub) & tell me where I was this weekend without using Google.

Much more later in the week. This was a remarkable thing to see & I need a little time to sort out a post.

P.S. Those who were present or even considering being present are not eligible to win.

P.P.S. Those who were considering being present but weren't - you missed a wonderful time!

P.P.P.S Stumped? Two-thirds of the answer can be found here.


Baydog said...

Delaware River, Philadelphia, Pa?

O Docker said...

Wow, I actually knew two-thirds of this without Googling or Tugstering but I should still excuse or recuse myself for having insider knowledge.

The sub was still on active duty when I was in residence (!) - it wasn't moved there until years later. But the infamous guy who was mayor at the time probably would have wanted it for the police department.

bonnie said...

Nice, Baydog. 2/3rds correct!

I believe the Nautilus is up in Groton, though.

O-Docker, insider knowledge counts -I was sort of expecting somebody from Philadelphia to be the one to give the entire answer.

I am absolutely horrified that the Olympia may be scrapped - even if I hadn't been aware of the historical significance of the ship, I would've been fascinated.

Tillerman said...

City with famous bell with my name on it.

bonnie said...

Bragging rights earned!

Had you visited there, or did you know of the Becuna through another route? That was the hard one, I think.

Was one of the bell founders a relative, or is it just a coincidence?

Leatherman23 said...

Well, I believe the Nautilus was is still at the sub Museum in Groton. This was a surprise to me as I was on watch the night she left port to be decommed. I was on ARD 7 in Groton in 78. Either way, she was the 571 not the 319. SS 319 is the Becuna in, as you have stated, Phila. I don't know why she is tied to the gunboat. That looks like part of the Great White Fleet not a sub-tender... which is what I would expect.

bonnie said...

Nope, not a sub tender, and predated the Great White Fleet by a good bit! The gunboat is the USS Olympia, Admiral Dewey's flagship at the Battle of Manila Bay.

An amazing thing to see, and now that I have, I'm properly aghast that I may have been one of the last people to visit - she's slated to close to the public in November & after that, unless there's a good deal of money shaken loose from somewhere, she's to be either scrapped or turned into a reef.

Quite awful.

bonnie said...

And btw I'm very impressed by everyone who recognized them. I have to admit that I don't think I would've been able to name Olympia before this weekend, although I do think I would have recognized her as a ship I had seen somewhere before - Tugster, the Old Salt Blog & others have been posting about this for a long time.

Sometimes I don't pay enough attention, though.

Pat said...

Scrapping Admiral Dewey's flagship would be horrible.

Leatherman23 said...

Hmph! I missed the part about it being Dewey's Flag. You'd think 'They' would want to preserve her based on that alone.

bonnie said...

And on top of that, I would say that she's intrinsically fascinating in and of herself. One of the most interesting historical vessels I've ever had the pleasure of touring.

That's tonight's post. Probably up in an hour or two.