Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Really Silly Map of our Long Long Island Paddles

Forgive me, all I have is Paint.

But I couldn't resist it. Here's the trip so far.

Click on the map to read!

original Long Island Landsat Mosaic image found via Wikimedia Commons.


Pandabonium said...

Where's the "X" to mark the treasure matey?

bonnie said...

Ha! I should add one. Along with the lobster who's now using John H's vhf (sacrificed to Neptune on Day 2 this year - hey, maybe that's why things calmed down so much in the afternoon!)

bonnie said...

hmmm...maybe I should beg my friend Bowsprite to help me do a more-fun version of this - I could have a lot more fun with doodles on this than I did!

bowsprite said...

to be used for navigation!!!
i LOVE this!!!!