Monday, August 01, 2011


Eddied out in Plum Gut. TQ & I did an exploratory out there yesterday. Gorgeous day. We didn't go to either of the locations we were supposed to go to, the currents didn't seem right, plus we were just having so much fun playing in the tide rips at Oyster Bar Reef. Whitewater fun for long boats! This was towards the end of the day, I'd parked myself in an eddy that was holding my boat so nicely I thought I'd pull out the camera & do a quick pan-around.


arazon said...

Took a look at your video, the water looks amazing!

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JP said...

Wow! That's some current there!

Wouldn't want to get a yacht near that nasty rock.

bonnie said...

No, you wouldn't - and this is after things had settled down some! The nasty rock had actually been a target we'd been playing with getting to earlier in the day. TQ got there, I failed - I could get a little ways past the rock where I did this clip, but only so far & then I'd just be paddling as fast as I could & barely holding position. I would do that until I got winded and then I'd drop back here again. Right after I shot this, I paddled up there with no trouble at all.

I think TQ and I hoping to supervise a good play session in here during the trip in two weeks - it's a perfect place to play in a sea kayak. With the lighthouse marking the reef (Oyster Pond Reef, btw, not Oyster Bar Reef, maybe a little wishful thinking in my rename), only the smallest of motorboats dare to come through west of there, so you're pretty safe on that front. Within that area, you have a line of rocks making nice eddies to hop in and out of, you have standing waves to practice surfing & bracing, and then you have fairly open stretches where you can work on ferrying. There's an out on the point, there's a good rest spot at the lighthouse and if somebody capsizes, they sweep out into calm water pretty fast. Great fun. Only hitch is there are quite a few jellyfish this year - mostly lion's-mane, though, easy to spot & hopefully avoid.

We will be bringing vinegar, though.

FilipBlog said...

Very nice video and the water is clear.

bonnie said...

Yes! And delightfully cool, too.

Pandabonium said...

Neat video. Some tide there. So cool to be able to park in an eddie.

moonstruck said...

Nice video I am still here. Just busy summer. Off to lake George for a week.

Dennis G

bonnie said...

Dennis G Moonstruck, glad to hear from you! Hope you've been working some sailing into your busy summer. Have fun in Lake George!