Monday, May 13, 2013

And another Statue from Red Hook picture -

A jam-packed Schooner Adirondack by the Statue of Liberty, taken a couple of hours before the sunset picture, same location (Red Hook, outside the Waterfront Museum, where I ended up going to see Moby Dick Rehearsed after the combination of high winds in the forecast and a rainy-day-popcorn-related thumb injury caused me to scratch all boating plans for the day).  For yesterday's winds, gusting into the low 30's, they went with one jib and a reefed main. They must have been having a blast out there! :D


Baydog said...

It was definitely honkin' yesterday!

my2fish said...

that's an awesome picture!

bonnie said...

Thanks! Nice boat and nice statue, hard to go wrong.