Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wind up! and up and up! Wound up being a perfect first sail of 2013.

lap lap






Heading back for the Paerdegat. Manhattan on the horizon, the tall tall building is WTC 1. Lovely clear day on the bay!

Great first SailComm cruise of the year and a fine first outing under sail this year for me. Winds ended up being more than the forecast (which had been for around 10 kts all day) and I'm glad it was a cruise, where everybody's relaxed and we're spread out all over, instead of the more demanding sailing racing entails, but it was an excellent day for knocking off the winter's rust - started out at 10 kts or so (less in the basin and OK, the first shot of the series above was in the big lull that hit just as I was launching), good windspeed for being back in a Sunfish for the first time in months, and then a nice steady build through the afternoon with some terrific planing on the way home. Docking took a few passes as the wind in the basin was puffy but I did manage it without any damage to boat, self, or innocent bystanders. Terrific day! More pictures to come, of course, the blue boat one was just too pretty not to share right away.

iwindsurf wind chart for the day - look what a nice build-up!


Tillerman said...

1 down, 99 to go!

bonnie said...

And 217 to do it in, that shouldn't be a problem!

my2fish said...

looks like a fun day on the water! I'm jealous!