Thursday, May 23, 2013

Still more cuteness!

OK, so tonight I am going to post a sad post, a woeful post, an alas-alack-and-well-a-day post. But first here's Lucy, who was also a factor in the high cuteness quotient at the club on Saturday. Lucy is also an incredibly nice little dog, loves people but is especially devoted to her owner Dennis, for whom she was keeping a sharp lookout when I took this shot (hence the intent expression).

That'll be it for cuteness - tonight, gloom, sorrow and sadness. FB friends may have an idea of the topic -- no spoilers in comments please!

And in case anyone missed the link the other day, here's a slideshow from Saturday's Open House. Not a big big turnout but I think everybody, both members and guests, had a good time. BTW, I've added captions now so if you're curious about any of the pictures, click on the slideshow to head on over to the gallery. Enjoy!  

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