Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Pegasus - Pretty Much Pau!

"Pau" meaning "finished" in Hawaiian. There she pretty much is! As usual, click for detail. 

Funny thing is that finishing sort of snuck up on me. I'd messed around with this some last night and then I got home tonight, looked at it and it suddenly hit me - holy cow, I'm almost done!

There are a few really minor things I could still mess around with. Like the happy trees are missing (only half kidding, there are trees along the waterfront here). But mostly it's done. Not perfect but not bad for winging it, right? This really was the most complicated thing I've ever tried doing with paint. It would be fun to take a lesson sometime - actually I think the Brooklyn Botanic Garden has classes sometimes, not that I have a whole lot of free time or anything but now that I've muddled through this it would be neat to go see how you're really supposed to do it.

Had fun with this though!


O Docker said...

Purty as a picture!

When's the wine and cheese reception?

Pandabonium said...

Super. When can I buy a t-shirt with this on it?

bonnie said...

I'll have a table with t-shirts at the wine and cheese reception! :D

Buck said...


bonnie said...


Of course I just discovered that the figure that I'd taken for a person wearing a sheepskin jacket is actually a bollard in front of an air funnel. I'd printed out the picture on a color printer at a Kinko's and I couldn't get it to print landscape (and the printer was jamming so by the time the attendant was done fixing that I didn't bother spending any more time on that) and it was a pretty murky printout on top of that -- working off of that alone I would have had one door on there, the open ones, the closed ones were pretty much invisible. Somehow the bollard in front of the air funnel came out looking like a person in a sheepskin jacket!

I like my little passengers though so I think I'm just going to leave it this way

Harry said...

I like,you out did yourself Bonnie BRAVO! I put this on my desk top,Have a nice day!!!

bonnie said...

Thanks, Harry! This mostly happened because of the Tug Art fundraiser you missed - that was what really made me want to try a painting of my own. I'm sorry you ended up not making it in for that, that was such a fun night.

I think I'm going to frame it and then I'll put all three of my tugboat pictures up together. Sort of a tuggy triptych.

Stevie said...

Very kool!