Wednesday, May 22, 2013

More Cuteness!

Here's another photo from Saturday that I really liked. We didn't have a very big turnout on Saturday - there wasn't as much advance publicity as we've sometimes done, and then instead of the perfect weather that had been forecast (72 degrees, partly sunny, light winds) it was overcast and drizzly, which tends to make people not want to come out boating.

However this year's event did have an extremely high c.q. - Cuteness Quotient! And I think we have to thank the revivified Canoe Committee for that. With more canoes in the mix (and there were more canoes plying the Paerdegat on Saturday then I think I've ever seen out there), suddenly there's a perfect spot for the youngsters who are a little too little to keep up in a kayak - and the kids seem to love it. In fact I think it was the littlest of the three girls, the one in the blue lifejacket, who burst into tears when her first canoe trip of the day was over and it was time to get out of the big "canot du Nord" and give her paddle back (all of us on the dock were SO worried when we heard the sobs because at first we were afraid she'd gotten scared, but it was quite the opposite). Fortunately Dan Olsen, our canoe committee chair, was ready and willing to get the group back out on the water in one of our smaller canoes, and here she's all smiles again. A paddler is born? We don't know for sure but it certainly looks like a possibility. Hooray for canoes!

And to anyone out there who works on a bigger boat - happy National Maritime day. There's a very nice, if somewhat sad, post in honor of the day over on the Old Salt Blog -- I'll finish this off with a link to that:

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