Tuesday, May 14, 2013

IDEC - A Baker's Dozen of a BIG FAST BOAT.

Here is the IDEC, waiting at North Cove. Isn't she something? Main regret from photo session - I got very tongue-tied when M. Joyon came up on deck, maybe if I had shouted out "Good luck!" he would have waved at me, and what a terrific picture that would have made! Ah well. Beyond that, for once in my bloggerheic (ha ha ha) life, I have nothing  to add. Click on the first picture and view in the slide-show set-up. Enjoy. 


JP said...

Cool pictures Bonnie!

BTW I think we've stolen all the wind 'cos its a cloudy, rainy, windy day here in London.

bonnie said...

Oh shoot, I lost a comment - somebody else had liked these & asked what camera and lens I used. These were all taken with the Panasonix Lumix G-1 TQ gave me for Christmas a few years back (what a terrific gift that was, he saw how much fun I have with my Pentax Optio waterproof and decided I might have fun with a REAL camera, he was so right!), most with the 14-45 lens the camera came with. When the grackle landed on the wind rotor I switched the the telephoto I got after going to watch the space shuttle come in and deciding that it would be nice to have something a little zoomier - that's a Panasonic HS045200 and I have had tons of fun using that on birds and boats (and the Statue of Liberty from Red Hook).

Also had good late-afternoon light on a beautiful day going for these.


Pandabonium said...

Great shots. I like the slide show.

Is that boat based on a Klingon Qlb'elth-class Battlecruiser?

bonnie said...

Oh myyyy!

I didn't notice it before but I think you're right!

bonnie said...

PS - I didn't lose the comment after all, it was just on Facebook. I get confused.

Anonymous said...

like the runner on an ice speed skate