Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Beach Cat Blog Break

No time to really blog but I just dug up this nice photo of the "elusive variegated beach cat" for Greg and Kris, who are moving to Kaneohe Bay and might find that a saily toy like this would be a nice addition to the surfboards. "Sail out, claim a sandbar, don't forget the sunscreen", I said in a comment on Greg's Facebook announcement of their imminent move to the windward side.

Originally posted here in May 2007 along with a few other Hawaiian critters, and I thought it would be nice to post again. Taken in Kailua. Or should we say Kailuaaaaah?

Note a little bit later in the day - Well, what a funny coincidence - maybe an hour after I'd posted this photo, which I took out at Kailua Bay's Mokulua Islands (aka "the Mokes") after TQ & I had paddled there on a couple of sit-atops rented from Bob Twogood, I stumbled across a GrindTV article about paddling to the Mokes on sit-atops rented from Bob Twogood. Always good to see Twogood Kayaks get a nice plug! 


Pandabonium said...

The whole idea of sailing away - for a while - and spending time on an island or sandbar - is so idyllic/romantic. What a great picture to capture one's imagination...

bonnie said...

Thanks! I like this one too. TQ watched these guys sailing in and said "It's like the land of floating toys". What a good day that was.