Monday, August 26, 2013

Osprey, Canarsie Pol, 8/24/2013

 As usual, click on the picture for a better view. 
I've been wanting to go out and try taking some bird pictures on Canarsie Pol, using the Lumix  TQ gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago with the zoom lens I got after the
Space Shuttle flew into town, for quite some time. I just wanted to go out to the island, find myself someplace to sit quietly for a while and see what wandered by. On Saturday, I finally had a good opportunity - a day with good weather and no particular plans. 

I would rethink my timing for another time, I think - this time I set out a little while before low water, but at that point the beaches and mudflats of the pol are so extensive that the birds were really a little too far away - they were mostly foraging along the waterline. Also got myself into the hour when the midges were attacking in clouds - had some bugspray in my boat and considered trying that 'cause the light was just getting into that lovely golden hour thing - but there's usually an egret fishing near the Sebago dock and I decided to flee the little biters and go see if he would pose for me (he did). I did get some OK shots, though, including this nice shot of one of the Pol's pair of ospreys.

More shots from the day here.

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