Thursday, August 01, 2013

Workin' for the weekend!

And the weekend starts tomorrow (although the work week started Sunday and featured some long long days, so I've earned it). Good plans!

First: Corn! Corn corn corn! Corn corn corn corn corn corn corn! Corn! 

photo by Dwight "Photofarmer" Sipler,  I have taken pictures of almost everything I'd ever want to blog about, but no corn! I will have to fix that tomorrow. In the meantime, hooray for Creative Commons (and thank you, Dwight)!

I'm unusually excited about the corn because it's August and I haven't had any local summer sweet corn yet. I usually get my local corn from either the Union Square or Cortelyou Road greenmarket (I just almost wrote "sweetmarket", perfect mistake!) but my July got crazy with an audit at work and events at the club and I just haven't made it. Fortunately the friend who's giving me a ride to the big club camping weekend is always amenable to farm stand stops so - yay! Corn! Corn corn corn!

And then also looking forward to a little bit of this. 

Orient Point. Hooray!

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Pandabonium said...

We've been lovin' the corn here. Thankfully, a lot of folks are better at growing it than I am! Well, my poor soil is giving its best. The birds discovered my little patch too and we've had to cover it with a net. Sigh. Hope to have big enough ears to harvest soon.

We always look forward to corn this time of year. I especially love those young ears - so sweet!