Monday, August 12, 2013

Scenes Which Might Be Vaguely Familiar To My Dad

I've secretly replaced my usual aquatic content with photographs that my father might just recognize. Let's see if he notices! Update next day: He noticed that evening. He enjoyed seeing them. Interesting notes - the sundial wasn't there yet; the engineering quad wasn't as built up yet; Carpenter Hall opened while he was there, and the brew pub actually wasn't a brew pub yet when he was there. Actually now it's not a brew pub anymore anyhow, they brewed their own for years but not any more. They do have an impressive beer list - I checked them out online because when I saw "Brew Pub" on Google Maps I immediately thought that that might be a potential lunch spot. I'm glad I checked, the only food they have is popcorn. I went to the Short Stop Deli for a toasted sub instead, and then on my way out of town I stopped at Purity Ice Cream, which I'd spotted on my way into town and thought looked interesting. Good ice cream, well worth a visit!

Both businesses had been around since my dad's time but there's an area called Collegetown that's right outside the university, he said he didn't get much further out into town than that. 

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Warmest thanks to my wonderful hosts for the weekend, who didn't just give me a place to sleep, but totally played tour guide for this first-time visitor to their lovely area (and even let me borrow an iphone to take pictures since I found myself cameraless after unfortunately failing to properly secure the Optio prior to rolling in Cayuga Lake). What a nice part of the world, what nice people, and what a great event Women Swimmin' is. So glad my friend Louise, who was in charge of the event's Kayak Safety Team, invited me, and that I was able to go. I had a blast.


Keep Reaching said...

I dont know where those photos are taken, but I love the sundial - my father made several of that type out of brass.

bonnie said...

I was at my dad's alma mater, Cornell University. The sundial is the centerpiece of the engineering quad - it's a fine one, isn't it?

O Docker said...

Ah, high above Cayuga's waters...

If you're looking for a replacement for the Optio, this might help.

bonnie said...

Thanks! Louise was talking about going and putting up some signs in the neighborhood where the camera was likely to have washed ashore (it had a float on it), so I'm not going to buy one right away. Maybe it'll come back. If it doesn't I'm inclined to stick with the Pentax Optio line because I've been basically quite happy with them, but it will be interesting to read a review before I get anything new.

Whatever I get, this time I'm putting contact info on it.