Friday, August 16, 2013

Cocktails with Mark Covell?

So, sailor and otherwise salty friends - my friend Robert Haynes-Peterson, who has made himself an enviable career by writing about good food and drink, is going to an event hosted by Olympic medalist (Star class, Sydney 2000), AC sailor, and traditional boatbuilder Mark Covell next week. Robert isn't a sailor but he wants to have some good questions to ask and since I guess I'm the closest thing to a sailor he knows, he asked me to help him out. I threw this out on Facebook and I thought it might make a fun blog post, too. So - if you were going to a cocktail party with Mr. Covell, what would you ask him?

I already gave a few obvious answers - how did he get into sailing as a kid, what's his take on making sailing accessible and interesting to ordinary folks (yes, the old Saving Sailing debate, who doesn't have an opinion?), and maybe what's his take on where the AC designs have gone (this could be particularly interesting as Mark is a traditional boatbuilder, although after last May's loss of Andrew Simpson that could also be rather heavy for cocktail chat). 

I also told Rob to check out The Boat Project, that seems like something Mark might really enjoy talking about: 
Photo above swiped from that site, I'm hoping they won't mind!

PS - Happy National Rum Day!


Tillerman said...

I am only 3 degrees of separation from Mark Covell. Just saying.

Mark got his silver medal in 2000 sailing with Ian Walker.

Ian won a silver medal in 2000 sailing with John Merricks.

I used to race against John Merricks at Rutland Sailing Club in England.

What was the question again?

bonnie said...

"Mark, do you follow the Proper Course blog?"

bonnie said...

Or was it "Shall we have some rum"?

Buff Staysail said...

You need a top question for an sailing interview? Ask an internationally renown journo like yours truly.

So how about this one: "Has he any dream sailing destinations?"

bonnie said...

Thanks, Buff! Shall we have some rum?