Sunday, February 23, 2014

Duck Dives! Frogma is Frogma again.

"Duck dives" - think these were invented by surfers? No, no, no! They were invented by DUCKS! Here are some diving ducks duck diving today at Sheepshead Bay. I went out to see if the winter ducks were there yet. They were, and the water is quite clear right now after our stretch of cold water, and I noticed that you could see them under the water pretty well as they dove, and I took a bunch of pictures trying to get that. These were the best.

And with this, I think Bonnie's Big Blog of SNOW can revert to Frogma. There's still snow on the ground - in fact I took another snowman picture today, a whole family melting away in the springlike warmth - but taking the subway to spend an hour taking pictures of ducks? It doesn't get much more frogmic than that. Plus, I paddled yesterday (woohoo!), but those pictures will take a little longer to sort through. Although it was the first seal-less seal paddle in the history of Sebago seal paddles, it was still a gorgeous day and it felt great to be back on the water. And yes, there were Ipswich clams at Bigelow's afterwards. TQ said maybe we could just call it the Bigelow's Paddle, seals can be a bonus (trip leaders just wink at each other when a seal is spotted and shout "Wow, look, seals! We didn't know there were seals here!") and that way nobody ever goes home sad.

And now, on with the ducks. Duck dive, ducks, duck dive!

Click on the first picture for a slideshow view - this is it for the words today.


Mary said...

Lots of Buffleheads at the beginning, then some Scaup (also Mallard mixed in). The winter ducks have been here a while, and are now kind of heading out.

Pandabonium said...

Did you hear the one about the two Mallards and a Scaup that waddle into a duck dive?

bonnie said...

No, what happened? :D