Monday, February 17, 2014

Oh These Are the Snowmen In My Neighborhood (Plus A Couple Of Out-Of-Towners)

What use is a Big Blog Of SNOW without SNOWMEN? 

I realized this after sharing an awesome Jersey City snowman made by awesome artist Frank Hanavan on Facebook, saying it was the coolest snowman ever. Frank responded by saying that there were an awful lot of snowmen out there and surely there had to be better ones and he wondered if there was a snowman blog for NYC out there. And that's when I realized that if this was going to be a proper Big Blog of SNOW, YES, it needed snowmen! As many as I could find in my neighborhood! So I grabbed my camera and set out into the snowy snowy snow for a three-mile snowman hunt. 

 When one is hunting snowmen, it's important to make sure you have a clear shot, and that you are sure that what you are shooting is actually a snowman, and not, say...
a snow-covered shrub with a branch sticking out. After that, I got my snowman fever under control and although I wouldn't say the neighborhood was crawling with the wily snowfolk, I did manage to find a few! 

Freeform, with Hefty stole.

Blonde bombshell

Classic! I think this one was my favorite. 

Not a snowman, but a notable enough snowfort that I thought it worthy of inclusion. 

Short attention span snowman. 

The lady who made this one said that he'd had a nose at one point. Beware of snowman nose thieves, dose doity rats (or more likely, dose doity squoilles)!

That was it for Day 1's efforts. Got back to TQ's and figured I might as well take the hound out for a spin since I was still all geared up for a polar expedition. Yes, those are purple boots she's wearing - the salt really burns her feet so with the snow being SO persistent this year, TQ fixed her up. They look a little silly (and sound silly too - they go plup plup plup plup plup as she trots) but Bella's much happier wearing them.  

40 hours later - the sun had been out for a day and more snowmen had appeared, so the trusty purple-bootied Catahoula snowman cur and I went out for another short stalk.

Blondie found herself a sweetheart

Six-footer at Foster and E. 19th

Minisnowman on East 19th

Still, of all the snowmen I was able to find in my neighborhood, I still don't think any of them stacked up to Frank's. Especially once it had a cat on its head. Why more snowmen don't have cats on their heads is really beyond me. 

And one more from a little farther, just to round things out - here's a well-accessorized North Carolina snowman by the granddaughter of some neighbors of my folks. My dad sent the picture and I figure it would make a good addition to the Snowman Post. Snow snow snow! 

Next post - more snow, what else would I ever post about? :D


Harry said...

Nice snowman Bonnie, unfortunately our snowman up here got buried by the last two storms...and thanks for posting them for us,cheered us up that's for sure.Have a good nite!

bonnie said...

Frankie said our snow was perfect!

I was tempted to go into my building's courtyard and make a little one myself, but TQ had taken the day off (awesome valentine's day present) and I wanted to get back to him. I settled for a snow angel at the club on Sunday. That'll be in tonight's post!

Joe Rousé said...

What's all that white stuff?

Pandabonium said...

Attack of the zombie snow people!

(Sweet looking doggie by the way)

bonnie said...

She's a sweetie. Unless you're a groundhog.

Pandabonium said...

Same with Momo, unless you're a mole.

bonnie said...

Oh, my parents' little American Eskimo dog Belle is a mighty mole hunter. Or she would be if my mom would let her.