Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sebago in the Snow! Plus - thawing out in NYC, it's all fun and games 'til someone gets knocked silly by falling ice or electrocuted by a doorknob.

Oh NO! 40's today, 40's tomorrow, 50's on Friday - it looks like the time for this blog's stint as Bonnie's Big Blog of SNOW is melting away with the glacial remnants outside! And I haven't showed you all of my SNOW yet! Hurry, more SNOW! QUICK!

Here's Sebago Canoe club in the SNOW on Sunday, when we had a big meeting to plan out the season that we are absolutely sure will eventually get here after all the SNOW is done. Snow snow snow snow snow! 

Welcome to the frozen north Sebago!

The grounds, 1

The grounds, 2

Paerdegat Basin - this at least has now returned to liquid state. Phew. 

Snow angel (for Prof. M, who would have joined me if she hadn't been skiing).

Grounds 3

Tony calls the meeting to order

Good dog Bella. 

Ooh, we get by with a little help from our friends!

We actually had a kind of rough day of thawing out today in NYC - the morning commute was totally screwed up for anyone travelling to or through the World Trade Center area as roads and walkways were closed due to ice falling off of WTC 1 (story here, plus hat tip to the Flatbush Gardner, who works in the area and brought the story to my attention with this very attention-getting status on Facebook this morning: "It seems the 'Freedom Tower' is raining down ballistic icy death from above"). Fortunately no actual ballistic icy deaths occurred but I'm very grateful my commute no longer takes me to that area, sounds like it was quite a mess down there. And as if that wasn't enough excitement, later on in the day part of 6th Avenue was shut down due to electrified doorknobs. Ain't we got fun?

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