Friday, February 21, 2014

Snow on the Bridge/Snow in Soho - going to work in the SNOW!

Winding down (knocking wood, crossing fingers) Bonnie's Big Blog of Snow here...let's see, I've done snow in my neighborhood and snow at the club, where's that other place I frequent? Oh, yeah, the office in Snowho. I mean SoHo (but I'm leaving that error because it is right and good). These were all taken on the 13th which may have been one of those storms that the Weather Channel in its infinite wisdom has decided it would be cute to name. I was late to work 'cause I just didn't want to go out there, plus I more or less had permission to not go if it seemed like it might be tricky, but in the end my subway line was running fine so in I went. Ever notice that when almost nobody can get to work, if you CAN make it in, you get twice as much done as when everybody's there? Well, that's my theory anyways. So if the trains are running, I go.

Here was the view looking north up the East River on the Manhattan Bridge. Horizon was lost in the murk very fast - could barely see the Williamsburg Bridge (the W in the "BMW" mnemonic for remembering the order of these 3 bridges to Brooklyn). 

Strange sight met me at the Broadway/Lafayette station - all of these firemen were coming in. No smell of smoke, and they weren't hurrying at all...hmm. I was glad I was heading out as they were heading in, this is always a little disconcerting, even when they aren't in a rush. 

Two fire engines upstairs and a third approaching with sirens blaring. Mentioned this on Facebook and pretty soon a friend had figured out what had happened - some device-addicted kid was texting in the subway station and fell onto the tracks. Anyways, she was very very lucky, the train that was coming in didn't actually hit her but she did end up underneath it, so these guys were on their way in to fish her out. Little more excitement than you really want in your day. Anyways, on to work - 

Walking up Broadway

Shovellers a-shovelling

Snow snow snow

and more snow!
What a winter we have had. Groundhog says six more weeks? Hmmm. So far I've only tried making chicken adobo. Maybe it's time to branch out. Heeeere, groundhog groundhog groundhog...

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