Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snowy Evening, Times Square, and Clannad

Here's another New Yorky post - a snowy evening in Times Square. This was on Sunday night, I was running to meet some friends from Sebago for a Clannad concert. Yes, we're branching out even more - first it was kayaking, then hiking, now concerts, we're culchad! Seriously, though, our official club mermaid Vicky M. has access to inexpensive tickets from time to time and asked on Facebook if anybody wanted to join her at BB King's for Clannad; in the end eight of us convened for a very nice Thai dinner and then a fantastic concert.

Clannad is probably best known among the non-Irish-music-enthusiast public as the band that launched new-age icon Enya, the younger sister who did vocals and keyboards with the band until it was time for her to sail away, sail away, sail away. They're quite fabulous unto themselves, though, been playing together for a very long time and their performance pieces ranged from straight trad (including a sing-along for "Two Sisters", a charming lilting song of love, betrayal, murder and being boiled in lead - is it weird that I know it by heart?) to folk rocky to jazzy to new-age swoons, finishing up with a rollicking rendition of "Teir Abhaile Riu" (Go home with you!) - talk about an encore with a point! All made for a fantastic concert.

The internet hysteria about a huge blizzard turned out not to be true; none of us had really been concerned, paddlers are pretty weather-savvy and NOAA had never said anything more than "Chance of snow" for the weekend, not even estimating accumulations. It was definitely a night for boots but the snow didn't really amount to much in the end. Great night out, thanks Vicky and company! 

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pia said...

Basking in the New Yorkness. Left it in great hands. Don't. Ever. Leave.