Tuesday, February 18, 2014

More Pix from my Snowy Snowy Snowman Stalk (and two days later)

No time like snow time for picture-taking in the neighborhood! What, you thought I walked 3 miles in a snowstorm and only took pictures of snowfolk? Never happen. And I need to get these and a few more snowpix up here on my Big Blog of Snow before it reverts to Frogma - not too much longer now (whoop whoop, fingers crossed)!

Starting with ornaments: 

Snow lion (Western)

 More snow lions (Eastern)!

Snow Buddha, still peaceful

 Same Buddha, hour and a half snowier. Buddha says, "Oh the sun'll come out, tomorrow".


 Sanitation snowplow, doin' the snowplow thing. I gave him a wave and a big smile as he drove past, they were out in force.

Private snowplow. We get another winter like this, these'll be all the rage. Who's gonna be first to the market with the hand-forged artisanal plow for the Brooklyn hipster market? 

 Buried bike. There are tough bikers who bike all winter but I think this winter was a bit much for all but the steeliest. Maybe the blacksmiths should be looking at hand-forged artisanal bike plows.  

Big pretty houses! 

Pink house in the snow (this one always makes me think of Sophie's Choice).

 Blue house in the snow

 Orange, green, blue, blue, burgundy and turquoise house in the snow. I love this house. If I had a house I would never in a million zillion years have the guts to paint it like this but I'm glad somebody did. 

And now I'm nearing the end of my meander, and here's a rest for your eyes with some black and white.

Avenue H subway station. This was the office of the T.B. Ackerson Company, the original realtor for the neighborhood back in the early 1900's.  This area is sort of an early early suburbs and included some interesting modular construction, the homes look unique but if you look very closely, especially in the less-fancy parts of the area, you can spot cookie-cutter features, they just did a very good job of mixing 'em up back then. This was where you'd come to buy your home. The station used to look really shabby and the MTA was on the verge of tearing it down in 2003, but fortunately neighborhood protests saved it, the building was landmarked and the MTA has now done a really nice renovation. Doesn't it look warm and inviting now? 

And hey, Buddha in the Snow was right. The sun DID come out tomorrow. Or at least the next day.


Pandabonium said...

A snowy lesson on impermanence.

The lions remind me of Momo doggy.

Love the snow covered houses - especially the colorful one.

bonnie said...

I'm glad Frank gave me the idea to get out in it. I've been getting so tired of all the snow but all the sudden it became fun again.

Still can't say I'm not thrilled to have a few back-to-back warmer days in here!