Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day - With Snow Of Course!

Happy Valentine's Day! I think most people who've been reading this for a while (all five of you) have seen pictures at one time or another of my much-loved Ti Grows in Brooklyn, the ten-year-old Hawaiian ti plant that I grew from one of those logs you buy in the airport. Well, late in January I discovered that I'm not the only one growing a highly unregional plant here in the building. One of my neighbors keeps a number of plants in the hallway window, which has a nice deep sill, and one day as I was heading out somewhere, I was surprised to see a very familiar tightly-furled red form rising up out of some spade-shaped leaves that I might have recognized if they hadn't been as completely out-of-place here in Brooklyn as my ti plant is. It was an anthurium, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the scarlet spathe slowly unfurl over the next two weeks. Here it is again, for your Valentine's Day enjoyment - and of course because this is now Bonnie's Big Blog O' Snow, it happens against a backdrop of the white stuff!

Happy Valentine's Day!


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