Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Canoe Sailing Workshop Galleries -

Doing the weekend's events out of order for no particular reason - last night I stayed up past my bedtime putting together a Flickr album of photos from the canoe workshop. This was actually something of a joint effort, I didn't want to be worrying about the camera while I was trying my hand at sailing a canoe for the the first time (if I'd flipped, getting back in without crunching the camera would've been hard), but Howie grabbed it and got some nice shots of me, plus an assortment of shots as he rode back to the dock with Holly in the safety boat (he sailed a Sunfish out, I sailed it back). 
Click to visit the album.

I really enjoyed this - I think I'll always think of myself as primarily a paddler but I think I've gotten to be a reasonably competent dinghy sailor and it was fun to branch out and try something new. I'd love to try it again sometime with better wind - I went over to TQ's for dinner after the class (he works weekends so couldn't come play) and when I mentioned that the wind wasn't great, he asked if it was too much, too little or shifty, and I said "Yes." This meant a lot of crouching in the canoes ready to change positions when a gust hit; that got to be hard on the joints but since we had 3 canoes to try out, I would just sail one until my ankles were screaming, bring it back, hand it off to somebody else, stretch my legs until another canoe became available, jump in that one and sail until my ankles were screaming -- lather, rinse and repeat until I'd tried all three and it was time to go home. Could see in the stronger puffs that those would let you situate yourself more comfortably. To be continued, I think...

Jim brought his camera along too and he's posted a set on Google Plus. Click here to see those.

The winds may not have been ideal, but it was a gorgeous day to be on the water!

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