Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Weedeater 2

This photo went with my original Weedeater post back in 2008, when I was already a confirmed eater of the "weed" known as lambsquarters, having been eating them since one of our more experienced gardeners told me what they were. I'd taken this picture because I was just cracking up over how much this looked like the work of a child pretend-cooking. I'm bringing it up again today because there's a really good article about the same stuff today on WNYC.org.

Click here to read it.


clairesgarden said...

I attended a short lecture on Saturday, lots of plants in the list

bonnie said...

Wow, that's a ton!

Another one I've been curious about that we've got tons of at the club is Japanese knotweed - it's a really nasty pushy weed; it's supposed to be edible but I'm a bit hesitant because they're actually growing out and about in the club. I think that at one point (long before I joined) the club ordered a truckload of topsoil to cover the old rubble that covered the grounds - instead somebody brought in MORE rubble. Probably not toxic but hard to know what's in there.

That's actually why we all do raised beds.

Unknown said...

recently viewed a tv cooking show that talked about the greens and I was wondering where to buy them! Are you growing them at Sebago or did you buy them?

Baydog said...

It does definitely look like a child pretend-cooking, and I have produced many of those images in my childhood. I humbly admit that I have never had lamb's quarters.

Baydog said...

Another sidewalk weed which is good for consumption is Purslane. Ever had it? It's mucilaginous, which is the scientific word for a succulent.
Portulaca as it's otherwise known.

bonnie said...

They come up with the rest of the weeds in my garden and I leave them when I pull the rest of the weeds. Once they get big enough to get a good bagful I pull them up.

After this WNYC article, I bet a beer that they'll be available for a fancy price at the Union Square Greenmarket. I was shaking my head a few years back when I was there in the spring and found that one of the vendors that markets to gardeners was selling flats of mixed greens - arugula, mesclun and dandelions - really? you're selling dandelions? and people are buying them? to plant? really?

A friend on Facebook mentioned that purslane and pokeweed are also being sold there now and with this article, they'll almost have to add this one.

I think I may have had purslane in a salad at a fancy restaurant sometime but I can't swear to it.