Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tuesday night paddle

A good post-work paddle last night. Got there a little late and missed the launch of the official Tuesday night club paddle, and it was so windy I was having second thoughts about going out on my own, but a friend was there so I had a hand getting my heavy boat down to the dock, so that made me decide to go.

Stayed close to shore since I was on my own; fought my way against a big headwind out to where I could see around the corner to the Marine Park Bridge - had sort of expected to find the Tuesday night paddle out there but when they weren't there I called it enough and headed for home. Wind and chop that I was bashing into going out of course turned into a terrific downwind run home with a nice surfable swell, whee, and then the Tuesday night paddlers were still in the clubhouse when I got back so I got a hand putting the Romany away and then hung out and had a beer and crackers with Tony Pignatello's fresh-ground almond butter. Yum.

Seven and a half miles in energetic conditions, I slept well last night.

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