Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Say Cheese!

Ah, Joe's, Joe's, Joe's. I nearly cried back when they closed. I had only discovered this incredible shop with the freshest of fresh mozzarella back in the spring of 2012, I'd been a regular customer for just about a year when they closed their doors in spring of 2013, and if I were a person who did a lot of hugging of people at work I would have hugged my boss Karen when she walked up to my desk last fall and said "Guess what, I saw a sign in the window of the M&O Deli on the corner of Thompson and Prince, they're selling Joe's mozzarella." As it was she was highly entertained at the way my face lit up and how I started babbling with glee - "Really? Joe's? No way! That's awesome!"

I haven't indulged recently but for some reason (well, for that reason and also that we've just finished our year-end close so there's a good chance that we'll be starting into a slightly more relaxed period at work, including more getting out by 6 if not earlier) I'd been thinking that I should go get some, so when Baydog and I were talking Jersey peaches on Facebook around 6 and he figured out that I was still at work and told me to stop working and go get some smoked mootz, I didn't need any arm twisting to shut down and go.

The cheese got pretty badly nibbled on the way home, but only by me, so that's ok.

SO happy to be looking forward to another summer of caprese salads -- or was that carp-rese


Baydog said...

Carp-rese for sure. I'm so influential

Baydog said...

The cheese's stretch history is revealed from the aftermath of your impatient ripping and nibbling

bonnie said...

Just couldn't wait, I think my hand was in the bag before I was a block away!