Monday, June 09, 2014

Sunday fun -

photo from last year, didn't have my camera yesterday...

Lovely day yesterday - unfortunate that we had to cancel our ACA Day Trip Leader workshop due to small sign-up but with TQ working weekends, oh my gosh a day to ourselves is GOLD. We used it well, too, it was a quiet enough day that we decided to go canoeing. Now why would a pair of kayak freaks want to go canoeing? Because that means we can bring the dog. Bella loved it. She's got health issues and has slowed way down, but riding along with us in a canoe is a wonderful way for her to enjoy being outside in the fresh air. We'd been worried about her getting too hot out in the sun like that, but the breeze over the still-cool water made things lovely out on the bay. At one point she was sitting with her chin on the gunwale - then she just laid down on the foam padding we'd put in the bottom of the boat for her - I was in the bow so I couldn't really see her but TQ said she was just lying there with an expression of perfect doggy contentment on her face, not even panting, just occasionally raising her nose into the air to sniff the interesting scents (he said the nose went especially happy when the fishing boat went by cleaning their catch).

 Then back to his place for my turducken ramen (for us) and rawhide chewy bone (for her).

This post lifted from today's FB status - haven't had much time for blogging recently, goodness, there was a club pig roast I didn't even mention yet! Sebago's in full swing now.  

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