Friday, June 20, 2014

Gowanus Challenge 2014 - Gallery

So of course the sharks were a couple of the racers at the 2nd Annual Gowanus Challenge last Saturday! There wasn't the turnout this year that there was last year, but there was still a respectable field of racers, the weather was fine, and I think everybody had a good time. I forgot to bring my zoom lens for shots from the bridge, and for the first dozen shots or so I had my camera on a weird setting that turns everything greenish-blue, but despite all that, naturally I still came home with plenty! Click here to visit the Flickr set. 


Pandabonium said...

I hope nothing you came home with from Gowanus required antibiotics. :)

bonnie said...

I didn't participate, I just took pictures! Such a chicken, right?

bonnie said...

Actually I had an Irish music session to go to afterwards & I just didn't want to smell bad. It was HOT!