Monday, June 16, 2014

Wonderful weekend!

It's good to try something different - here I am sailing a canoe for the first time ever! It was fun. Thanks to Jim Luton for the photo!

And what a spectacular weekend it was - I watched a crazy canoe race, I took a nap, I played some Irish music and ate some good food and caught up with some old friends on the roof at my friend John's place, I saw the first firefly of the summer on the way home that night, and then on Sunday I took a canoe sailing workshop at Sebago which was a lot of fun, then did some gardening and then went to TQ's for dinner (he's working weekends but he got out his pressure cooker when he got home and made a fantastic oxtail stew - delicious!). Does a weekend get much better than that?

Pictures from both boating events to come. I'm absolutely kicking myself for not bringing a camera to the rooftop session! 


Baydog said...

A weekend tries very hard to get better than that. I don't ever worry about you having a good weekend. They seem to line up and wait for you.

Rob K said...

Looks like you had a great time!

bonnie said...

Two good weekends in a row, and I'm absolutely wallowing in this warm weather. After that horrible winter and a sort of chilly wet spring I'm incredibly appreciative of these days in the high 70's!