Saturday, February 19, 2005

4000 words!

wait a minute...

wait just a blasted gosh-derned minute...

no, actually this is pretty funny. I just spent 2 hours I spent tussling with silly downloads like Picasa and Hello and finally setting up a buzznet account where my first attempt at posting pictures was met with a "you do not have the right to edit bkfrogma's content" error message, and I sign in to actually give my average of 8 readers per day (hope you like!) and I see a little "upload image" icon in the toolbar here where I write my post.

well, I'll give that a shot sometime when I don't have an apartment to clean, a book to read, an apple crisp to bake & a dinner with friends to go to.

In the meantime - in my last post I wrote and wrote and wrote.

Today, I thought I'd just show you some pictures that I think would say more about how I feel about getting out on the Hudson than I could if I used as many words as there are in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (i.e., a lot).

well - that might be an exaggeration. But this was a spectacular night out there - all the pictures in the gallery I'm sending you to were taken with a plain old EveryoneSmile disposable camera - the light was so phenomenal that even a shot I accidentally took of the deck by the foc's'le hatch looked kinda pretty (didn't post that one though).

Anyways, blah blah blah. Enough words, I've got things to do - so on to the pictures!

p.s. - if that looks like a nice way to spend a couple of hours, and you happen to be in the NYC area in the summertime, come on out for a boat ride! I can't resist a little plug for the schooner Adirondack, the most beautiful boat in New York Harbor! Best part-time summer job a financial analyst could ask for (just hope I can do it this summer - last summer I was still an overperforming administrative assistant - with the promotion, I'll have to see how things work out this year. Tradeoffs, tradeoffs. That's life, innit?

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marc brown said...

Glad you decided on Buzznet.
Let us know how that works for you.